“Cruise”. Shopping center.

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“Kruiz” shopping centre

St. Petersburg, Primorsky administrative district

“Vitruvius and Sons” architectural bureau

Project team:

Architects: Dmitry A. Melentyev (project architect), Sergey V. Padalko (head of bureau),

Oleg A. Kosenko (architect), With the participation of Elena Voloshina,

Structural engineers: Alexey N. Zhigaletov.,  Natalya F. Kychina,

Engineers: “OIS ltd.”

Client: Femida Ltd.

Photographers: “Vitruvius  & sons”, Olga Shurupova, Valera A. Davydoff


The building of the shopping centre is elongated according to the form of the lot next to the thoroughfares situated on the long sides. The building has four floors (3 floors + basement). Parking is located on the roof of the building (160 parking spaces). Entrance and exit to the parking space is made on two one-way ramps built around the facades. The roof (accessible roof area) of the ramp is the covering above the retail, technical and other rooms of the center).

Three entrance groups are planned in the building: from the two opposite sides and in the center. The entry in the central part serves as a passage through the building at the level of the entrance floor.

Building structure: monolithic reinforced concrete

The main shape-forming details of the facades are elongated inclined planes of ramps (entry ramps to the roof) and the rounded inclined butts of the building. The window apertures are horizontal, stretched, of varying length (depending on the functional requirements for the rooms), with tinted glass.

The outer walls are lined with metallic panels. The construction of horizontal shutters (metallic lattice) are a decoration of the facade, an enclosure for the open parking space on the roof and a construction for placing advertising space around the entire perimeter of the building.

Main technical-economic indicators:

Total area of building – 21,938 sq. m


Total area of underground section – 6,028 sq. m;

Total area of above-ground section – 15,909 sq. m);

Area of building – 6,342 sq. m;

Area of site – 6,839 sq. m.